H.Coll  was founded in 1960 in Mataró, a town near Barcelona with an old tradition in textile industry.
From the very beginning our firm committed itself to innovation and service, offering to the sewing thread manufacturers a range of new products made in plastic, an unknown material at that time.

Little by little our kingspools, winding cones and bobbins made in first quality polypropylene created a niche not only in the Spanish market, where we are the leader suppliers, but also overseas and specially among the main European customers.

The continued growth of our sales quota is the result of a series of measures that constitute our company philosophy. Among the measures stand out the use of best raw materials, a highly specialised automatic manufacturing process and precise delivery terms.

In 1981 H. COLL moved into a new establishment in Dosrius in order to meet the increasing demand of its clientele, and also developed a very accurate printing process, that allows to produce a personalised custom-made item that fulfils customer needs and expectations.

From then until now the trust of our buyers is the best guarantee of a company whose aim has always been to provide specialized service for sewing thread manufacturers.